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When two people are arguing, they tend to say something that will hurt the other without thinking it through. However, they don’t realize how those words will eventually hunt their relationship. Is it wise to keep silent or crack a joke during the argument? I always believe that silence is golden, but during argument, it may cause the fury of anger to burn even further. As for cracking a joke, well that always turns out to be a bad move because generally the other person will think that you don’t take him/her seriously. I believe many of you gents have experienced the time where you tried so hard to hold your tongue and she just kept pushing it. Here is the confession: For a woman who is willing to spend time to argue with you or nag you, it means she still cares! She is just so eager to get her point across. This kind of reaction can apply to men too, but mostly women.

How to face an argument with minimal negative side effects?

1. I am Sorry

Saying sorry is always the first step, but don’t say sorry lightly. When you realize you did something wrong, APOLOGIZE!!!

2. Forgive

It is hard to find that ground to forgive, but if you do care about the person, try! Of course this doesn’t apply to cheating nor beating. Personally, there is nothing to forgive in those two categories.

3. Do Not mention old History

There is a reason why history stays in the past. Digging out all that old dirt is just not making anyone feel better. Arguments expire by case so leave them in the past!

4. Move On

Here are some options. You can either seek for someone new or work on the present. Which way you choose will be completely sensible. When you both put an end to the argument, move on! Don’t hold grudges, it’s simply not healthy! 

5. Sweet

After the argument, try to be sweet to each other.