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MAISON DU POSH clutch ❤ liked on Polyvore (see more python handbags)

Ladies! Are you ready for the french fashion? These shoes and clutches can do the job! I know I know, the website is all in french. But hey! It’s not too hard to understand right?! They have pictures after all. ;) You are a smart girl! You can get whatever you wish for!! Get ready and take a casual fashion ride with me in Les Composantes!!  



Asos Slot Through Envelope Clutch

  • $35
  • Free US shipping/returning

This clutch can match various outfits! Go to work? Go to Club? Go on a date? One clutch does it all!


Tricolour Clutch

  • $36

This is a great colour for spring and summer! Can be used with Turquoise colour dress or even multi-colour patten outfit!


Gloria Clutch

  • Was$248 Now$119
  • Not available in stores. Check outlet for detail. «40%off»


Quilted Edge Clutch

  • $42.00

Need something look elegant for your little black dress? This is right for you ;)


Asos Faux Frame Clutch

  • $31
  • Free US Shipping and Returning


H&M Bag

  • $21
  • UK only

A metal chain shoulder strap with magnetic catch and one inner pocket with a zip. This clutch gives your outfit an extra POP in the summer!


Rosette Clutch

  • $16
  • Has two colours, Red/Yellow

Enjoy that skinny jeans? This resette clutch gives you some soft look with that hawkish style!! This colour goes very well with indigo ;)