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Be inspired by creativity ;) Hello Neighbour!!

Be inspired by creativity ;) Hello Neighbour!!

Yah~ That’s him!! Your pal!!

Il y a des moments dans la vie où l’on souhaiterait faire revenir quelqu’un l’autre côté du monde

et passer une journée avec

juste une fois

lui donner un baiser

lui dire au revoir ou encore entendre à nouveau sa voix

lui dire je t’aime

copie et colle sur ton mur en mémoire…

People said that you have too many shoes? Here is the reason you have to! I heard a quote saying “the reason why women is obsessed with beautiful shoes is because they believe that a beautiful shoes can take them anywhere they want to go.” I found it very inspiring. People say that you should dress for the job that you want to do. How about life? A pair of beautiful heels make you feel taller and more confident! If you have not yet found your cinderella shoes, keep looking!! I am sure when you find that Ms. right heels, everytime you slip on them, you will feel that power and positivity go via your vein! ;) Let’s do those beautiful shoes a favor, take them to see the world with us!!