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It is certainly difficult to walk away from the comfort zone. Move away from places, people, and atmosphere that you used to know requires a large amount of bravery and dedication. However, it is just like learning to walk for the first time. Once you have that first step, it gets easier from there on. Believe in yourself. You are the strength of your faith. If you need time to make it happen, take your time! If you need strength, remember, you are always capable of doing anything that you put your heart into. You are the product of your decision and action. Be strong and Be well ;)

We all have the moment of darkness. We all experienced the feeling of failing or no where to go. What makes some of us different from the others is that we choose to look at the positives from all the negatives. When things fall apart, the first impression people will have is that it is BAD! Just like the word “mutation.” People thought about the word mutation as something bad, however, it is not quite the case. Mutation is just a change or better yet, to be different. I agreed that most of the mutations that people have known about are bad. Non the less, what about the good ones? In life, things don’t always go your way. In fact, your way might not be as perfect as you think it is. All you have to do is to be honest with yourself and live your life the fullest! Trust me, at the end of the day, the biggest accomplishment that makes you so unique is that you will have no regrets!

At times when you feel your life is shattering into pieces, you should know that it will reconstruct itself in no time. With your strong will, you know you are getting closer to your goal. Believe in yourself! Refuse to sink! Refuse to Fail! Show the world all of what you got! And yes, no matter what happens, you know you will have a big smile on your face!! 

Yah~ That’s him!! Your pal!!

Yesterday is history; Tomorrow is a mystery and Today is a gift, that’s why we called it PRESENT.

I’m sure many of you have heard that before, but how many people can really understand the meaning behind the quote and execute their lives accordingly? I see present as a gift because it is the only moment that you can changes. People said what’s done is done for a reason. If past is an experience, present is an experiment and future will be an expectation. You simply just use your experiences in your experiment to achieve your expectation!! Emotional makes us human and it is also the birth mother of those romances. 

Now here is the idea!!

Treasure your present and share it with your love ones. If you want to make a change, make it NOW because it is the earliest moment that you will ever have to make that change! Be strong! Be determine! If you think something is worth it, go for it! Hard work might not pay off right away but it will pay off! Hang in there and let the journey begins!!

Life is like a masquerade ball. You can be whoever you are and do whatever you do. Behind the mask, seems like you have just that little more freedom. Behind that mask, you can escape from the judgements. Behind that mask, you can be you. As each year passes by, I found people putting their masks with layers. It can be good or bad. The goods are that shows your maturity and knows your place. Pretty much means a better self-control, which is a big part of maturity. The bads are sometimes, you feel you are losing your true-self. At the end, you are the only person who knows yourself the best. You had a history and creating a future. You have no choice but to move forward. You have no choice to stop but you have to choice to change. You have a choice to take control in your course of life. And YOU are the only person who can make that best happen to yourself. Trust yourself first! Trust yourself in every inch of your mind and soul because there is no reason to doubt. When you believe and execute your dream with your whole heart, there is no way you will fail the course. Awesomeness comes within and yes you have it. :) Join me my on going masquerade party and enjoy life with the ups and downs!! 


The journey of life is the things that you will remember when you finally get to your destination. There has to be downs in order to feel the joy for the ups. People can make many mistakes in life. People can be lost. People can make mistakes. Life is like a coin, pleasure and pain are the two sides. Only one side is visible at a time, but remember the other side is also waiting for its turn. Thus, I see those negativities as the catalyst for the positivities. When the world says give up, hope whispers .. Try it one more time. It’s the mistakes, the lost and the tears make you stronger and more determine to what you want in life. It is ok to be lost because when you finally figure out yourself and ready to fly, that’s what people are going to see. Life at any time can become difficult. Life at time can become easy. Good or Bad, they are seasons of life. It all depends upon your outlook. A goal can be set by many, but it’s the determination defines you as who you are. 

While I was traveling in Japan, I got a chance to visit MeiJi Jingu. I came across a note saying that “Self-Examination is very important in daily life. Constantly compare your conduct and intentions with what is right, and remain faithful to the right.” You can always choose the path of your life. I’m sure you know better than anyone else about what really makes you happy. Be true to your heart, be true to what you want. Execute it with no fear. At the end, all the tears and sorrow is all worth it. When you look back, I guarantee with a smirky smile with 100% satisfaction. ;)  

People say what tells us of who we are by what we do. But I would say what tells of who we are is by our determination in things that we want. Some people change their look and style to declare of a change in life. A new begging or a new chapter in life. How can we keep the life that we want with other people’s involvement? If someone tells me that life is simple or can be as simple as you want it to be, I would like to ask how? And here are my thoughts:

What is the definition of anger? People express their anger differently and for those who is up front is someone you don’t have to worry too much about. Generally this type of people are easy to deal with. You don’t have to worry that they will hide something from you or stab you from your back. The people who just emotionless, which you can’t quite know what they are thinking, are the ones you should put more thoughts into it. In life, you will come across many types of people. If you look closely on their reaction on certain things, you can learn quite a lot from them. 

People say Patient is a virtue, I say it’s true. I realized the calm ones are the people who can really see what the situation is and how to persuade people in the direction that they wish others to go. Want your life to be simple? Train your communication skills!! 

Love isn’t finding someone you can live with, but finding someone you can’t live without. Love is like a pill. It can save you from your misery and yet it has some side effects. How can you keep having that capsule is completely controlled by your hand. When you nurture your relationship with the one, for example, find a way to communicate nicely, you are certainly making your love capsule. When you are arguing, it means you are taking the advantage of the love pills that you created before. Honestly, we all have our weird side. We are weird in different ways. It is our weirdness that makes us special. And it is the weirdness makes us find the one that best suits us. Because we are weird, we are selective! Love is always a fun topic to talk about because it is such a powerful thing that makes people loss their logic sense. Remember those times that you eagerly want someone back and did all that so called stupid sh!t? (pardon my language) Yah, we all been through that and survived from it. Someone told me that the difference between a mature man/woman than an immature one is the fact that mature man/woman looks for what he/she NEED than what he/she WANT! Many times you think you mistaken of the things that you want to what you really need. Don’t get into a relationship because you think you need one for whatever reason. Sometimes learning to live along is part of learning how to live with another person. You need to know how you like your life to be in order to find a partner that suits you the best right?! Don’t get too caught up by other people’s view on the singles if you are. There is nothing wrong to be single. It is just you are still working on yourself! Love comes when you least expected with the greatest result whenever you are ready for it. :)

I always believe that the world can be so much fun and convenient is because of those who are dare to dream. We need a vision before we can create something new. I’m sure millions ago, people will never thought about we can “fly” or “talk overseas.” Because of those dreams that were once being seen as crazy, we see the dreams became reality. Don’t be afraid to dream and follow your heart. Dare to create your own wonderland. You are the master of your life and you are the creator of your own happiness!