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Oh boy! I might have started a war between men and women just by talking about this! Nagging is not only a women’s thing, but I have to admit, it generally creates by women. You will think things such as, “why do I have repeat the same thing over and over?” “If he does it the first time, I won’t have to REMIND him!” “I am not nagging! I am just REMINDING him.” Yah, I hear you. You feel that your man wasn’t listening and then blame you on telling them the same thing over and over again. You don’t get what was wrong with it and if he ignores you, you will get pissed. If he argues with you, you will still get pissed! Either way, YOU ARE PISSED! Here are some strategies that I had tried and really helped me realized many things in a relationship.

1. Understand the fact that no one likes to hear about the negatives!

We all know there are many ways to deliver an idea. Different phrasing can help to ease the tension in a conversation. For example, if you want him to pick up the kids, instead of telling him to do it or it’s his responsibility, you can say “baby, could you do me a favor to pick up the kids?” or “baby, the kids are very proud that they have a handsome dad to show off.” People like to be phrase! I know how tough it is to swallow that wave of anger back to your guts, but sometimes, you have to know how to talk to your man! Remember, he is the one that you love and you choose to stay forever! Just talk in a different way! Like the old saying, to have the king to do what you want, you have to deliver the idea within the way that he likes it! At the end of the day, he will do as what you requested without even noticing it.

2. Instead of saying the same thing multiple times in a long run, figure out one phrase that really does the job!   

You are a smart woman who has limited time to waste! Use those nagging time to do some online shopping to make yourself happy makes more sense to me! Create that positive circle of communication has to start from you! Why? I’m sure you know what I mean by that. :P

3. Accept that fact that YOU NAG!!!!

Nagging is not something embarrassing! Admit it -> accept it -> change it! Master your communication skill can benefit you in so many ways, such as, your job,  your family life, relationship with your kids! You are the best and you can do this!!