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Do you take your parents’ love and care for granted? I hope not! They are the people who will give you the best in everything within their power. They are the ones who have life experiences that want to pass to you. They never want you to get hurt, physically or emotionally. Trust your parents that they do things for your own good. They nag, annoying, and constantly want you to do things that you don’t want to. However, my life experience taught me that I will treat my kids the same way. A home doesn’t mean it’s a family. A family can be formed by 2 people and above. It takes effort to make a home into a family. Don’t ever think that they will never understand! They are the ones that will try hard to understand you, but you will have to be willing to share! Be open with your parents! You will be surprised how big their heart can contain. Don’t lie to them because they are good life advisors. Don’t betray their trust because they have to fight their worries to let you go about your things along. Tell your parents that you love them whenever you can. Share the love with your family! After all, they are the ones that can fulfill your heart. :)