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Love isn’t finding someone you can live with, but finding someone you can’t live without. Love is like a pill. It can save you from your misery and yet it has some side effects. How can you keep having that capsule is completely controlled by your hand. When you nurture your relationship with the one, for example, find a way to communicate nicely, you are certainly making your love capsule. When you are arguing, it means you are taking the advantage of the love pills that you created before. Honestly, we all have our weird side. We are weird in different ways. It is our weirdness that makes us special. And it is the weirdness makes us find the one that best suits us. Because we are weird, we are selective! Love is always a fun topic to talk about because it is such a powerful thing that makes people loss their logic sense. Remember those times that you eagerly want someone back and did all that so called stupid sh!t? (pardon my language) Yah, we all been through that and survived from it. Someone told me that the difference between a mature man/woman than an immature one is the fact that mature man/woman looks for what he/she NEED than what he/she WANT! Many times you think you mistaken of the things that you want to what you really need. Don’t get into a relationship because you think you need one for whatever reason. Sometimes learning to live along is part of learning how to live with another person. You need to know how you like your life to be in order to find a partner that suits you the best right?! Don’t get too caught up by other people’s view on the singles if you are. There is nothing wrong to be single. It is just you are still working on yourself! Love comes when you least expected with the greatest result whenever you are ready for it. :)