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I always hear people saying that you will know by then which wedding dress is yours. To be honest, I never thought that saying will be true. Marriage is an upgrade in life that comes with further more responsibilities. In the past, people see the word “divorce” with such a negative attitude toward it. And now, divorce rate becomes higher each year and it seems more common than ever. Modern people have privilege to explore countries, cell phone to call or even face-time your love ones, internet to leave messages… etc. Seems like with all these technologies, the bond of two people should be stronger right? Apparently, that’s the opposite. Modern people became more and more impatient and lazy. They seek for the quick fix and yet, part of them is also secretly seeking for that fairytale love. To me, fairytale relationship does exist. It is possible to find someone that will treat you just right. However, it requires work. I know it is annoy if your bf/gf pick a fight with you all the time, but part of it comes from how much they care about you as well. For the married couples, it is important to always remind yourself about the reason why you married this man/woman. I understand that there will be many reasons that may not always be simple. But once you got through that holy matrimony, please treat it seriously. It is ok if you found out the person changed into someone that you are not impressed anymore. It is ok to walk out a horrible marriage. But don’t walk out without a fight, which is to think and work things out within reasons.

There are things that are just not workable in my concept of marriage, such as cheating, beating and not respecting. To me, if someone cheats on his/her partner, that means him/her doesn’t really care about his/her partner. There are excuses for cheating but no reasons. There is something black and white in a relationship and that’s cheating!

As for beating, well, unless this is part of your fetish and I see nothing wrong with that. However, this should not happen in any culture. Love your husband/wife with other ways, such as kissing or hugging. Beating is simply not on the list!   

If your love one doesn’t respect you in the way that they should, walk out from that relationship! However, this only works under the circumstances that you respect yourself first.

Dream dress will appear when your heart and soul are ready to receive it. ;)