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We all have the moment of darkness. We all experienced the feeling of failing or no where to go. What makes some of us different from the others is that we choose to look at the positives from all the negatives. When things fall apart, the first impression people will have is that it is BAD! Just like the word “mutation.” People thought about the word mutation as something bad, however, it is not quite the case. Mutation is just a change or better yet, to be different. I agreed that most of the mutations that people have known about are bad. Non the less, what about the good ones? In life, things don’t always go your way. In fact, your way might not be as perfect as you think it is. All you have to do is to be honest with yourself and live your life the fullest! Trust me, at the end of the day, the biggest accomplishment that makes you so unique is that you will have no regrets!

An amazing way to get rich!! :)

I came from a background with a combination of three continents in the world. I understand what is lonely and what it could put your true self to test. Being away from home brings you many excitements and freedom and yet sometimes you feel you don’t belong anywhere. In life, first step is always exciting. When you done “enjoying” wondering around aimlessly, you will start to feel purposeless in life. Gradually you feel unfulfilled and then you start searching for your purpose in life. Here you are, pulling all your logical sense and trying hard to know yourself and finally you made your decision. On the way to your goal, many things will happen and many many many things/people will discourage you. Many people gave up and change their goal. Many people realized that they really didn’t set the goal right in the first place. Whatever your case maybe, I have to say, it is ok to be wrong. It is ok to try out different things.

Here is what I had learned:

Success starts at the moment when you believe in yourself. Success proceeds when you take action! Success achieves with your determination! 

Believe in yourself. It is lonely at the top, but during the process, you will know who your true friends are. Don’t forget about where you came from and don’t hesitate on making the right decision. To me, people can be from different cultures, but what’s inside is really not that much of difference. The differences between people are just their own characteristics. We might celebrate birthday differently, but we all celebrate birthday! Or we all have new years tho we might not have it on the same date! Being successful might not bring the most money in the world, but it certainly brings joy in your life. ;) Be open minded and accept the challenges. I am sure you will get to your goal soon enough!